Friday, June 3, 2011


I am in the process of moving.  Though the movers won't arrive for almost two weeks, I'm starting my hiatus now.  It's growing increasingly hard to pack and cook every night.  And, many of my kitchen goodies are making it into boxes and not usable for fun kitchen activities. 

So, I'm going to focus on moving back to the East Coast, finding work and moving into a new home.  We're hoping to find a place with a bigger kitchen.  There will be more exciting recipes once I settle in and take the blog off of hiatus.  I'm looking forward to having more food options.  Idaho just doesn't offer enough produce.  I'm especially looking forward to making recipes using escarole and broccoli rabe.  Also, my husband will now be employed and not a full-time student.  We're hoping the extra income can afford us the opportunity to get new kitchen gadgets and fancy things like champagne vinegar.

Check back in a month or two!  I may blog along the way to assure all that I'm surviving the move.  :)